24 Touch Program

A unique, subscription-based program that allows you to stay in front of your audience with thoughts and ideas that promote your personal strengths and commitment.


The 24 Touch Program consists of two elements; the "token mailing" and the "card mailing." 

This program is not product specific, rather, it is designed to enhance your product-centric discussions by building the underlying relationship. 


Full Program

Two touches per month; a mid-month token mailing followed by a card only mailing Price: $7.50/person/month (including postage)*

Alternating Program

One touch per month; alternating token mailing and card only mailing Price: $3.75/person/month (including postage)*

Cards Only Program

One touch per month; just the card only mailing (Ideal for restricted firms, broader reach or smaller budgets) Price: $1.50/person/month (including postage)*

We recognize that everyone's budget and territory is different, so we let you customize the program based on your specific circumstances.


For example: with a monthly budget of $375, you could reach:


50 people at $7.50/month (full program)




Top 10 people at $7.50/month (full program) and

200 people at $1.50/month (cards only)

Call to talk through what strategy would work best for you.

*If you're a Manager, ask us about discounted pricing for your whole team!

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