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with your entire client list
(Just $2.25/inc postage)


meeting, attending, business...
(Just $1.75/inc postage)


(As low as $1.75/inc postage)


to your entire client list
(Just $2.25/inc postage)

US insurance brands that provide customers with consistently best-in-class experiences generate 2-4x more growth and 30% higher profitability than companies with an inconsistent customer focus.

“Some executives may still see insurance as a low-engagement, dis-intermediated category. But leading companies are delivering customer experiences that inspire loyalty and attract customers frustrated by experiences with their current carriers.”
McKinsey report

"I wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that I’m already receiving excellent feedback from the campaigns.  This is invaluable to our business and I apologize for not signing up sooner.  I’ll definitely want to continue and I need to triple the reps that are on my current list!" Chris B.

There's another reason to care about providing your customers with personalized service. It's because those customers have family, friends, neighbors...all of whom are potential insurance customers as well.

Less than one-third (29%) of insurance customers are satisfied with their current providers and 88% of customers demand more personalization from insurance companies. 


Personalized service is where we come in. We make it incredibly easy to reach your clients at important moments. Our mission is to:

  • help you build a positive response from your clients.

  • earn you referrals.

  • watch your business grow.

"Excellent, thanks Kim! The feedback is great as I have already received a couple thank you's, from NEW relationships!"