Introduction Series

$19.95/person (postage included)

Whether you're new to wholesaling, changing territories or have a new selling agreement, or are going after your fallen angels, this 5-part series will help you get noticed.

Each part of the series includes:


*FREE* card and envelope personalization


Your logo and signature 


Hand stamping and mailing

1. Introduction

The first mailing is a subtle introduction that starts the conversation with your new territory; they won't be able to resist opening it once they feel the packet of "Money Plant" seeds inside!

2. Getting to Know You (Bio Page)

Make a proper introduction with a full, glossy bio page. Share with your new audience a bit about your professional history, as well as some fun facts to help make a stronger personal connection.

3. Providing Outstanding Service

Let your new audience know that they can expect more from you with this unique "doubloon" mailing. It's a great way to show them you are prepared to work "doubly hard" for them!

4. Listening to Your Needs

One of the biggest complaints from advisors is that they feel like no one really listens to their needs. Change their minds with this personalized message and fun dolphin note; with it's bright colors, they'll be sure to display it in their office as a keepsake.

5. Partnership

Aim towards a long lasting partnership with the final mailing of this series. A unique bi-metallic coin in an attractive presentation accompanies a card that parallels the strength gained from the partnership of the two metals to your own business partnership.

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