Breaking Down the Big Changes

Big Changes..small changes. My father used to tell me to keep track of the pennies and the dollars would add up. I didn't realize until recently how this concept could apply to other aspects of my life.

With New Years only recently behind us, if you’re like me you made many “promises,” all probably big in nature. But what I have discovered in the past month is that if I focused on the small changes, then big changes started falling into place, one step at a time.

Here's an example: I started carrying a small journal – that’s right actual paper and pen! Anytime I had a thought, idea, or change I wanted to implement, I would jot it down. When I went back over my notes later I found myself breaking the task into parts...some I did right then and some I passed on to others to take care of.

Before I knew it I was crossing things off and my day seemed to take on a smoother, more productive feel!

"Keep track of the pennies and the dollars will add up."

Break those big changes down. Handle the small pieces that you can and don't feel bad about asking for help on the rest. After awhile, those small changes will really start to add up.