Just a Minute Video Series 02

Happy Monday!

Hope your week is off to a great start so far! We're excited to wrap up your Monday with our "Just a Minute" thought of the week. Today we're talking about staying consistent through changes...in under 60 seconds.

We hope you enjoy...and hear a little something for you to think about this week.

Forget your headphones today? You can also read the script here...

"It’s really hard to believe that the fourth quarter is underway. This year, time has taken on a different feel, with in-person meetings and events being replaced with days at home and the challenge of finding new ways to stay in touch remotely. Even finding a quiet place to think, without pets or kiddos underfoot, has been tough. Despite the challenges of how we DO our job, the fact still remains that to build trust and confidence in a sales relationship, it takes 7 - 13 consistent touchpoints. I dare say, this year, where your first meeting may be through Skype or Zoom, that number may be even higher. Not to mention people are now starting to feel “Zoom-ed” out. What other methods are you employing? What’s your plan to stay in touch?"

Kim Maynard, President

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