Just a Minute Video Series 03

Happy Monday!

Since, it's Columbus Day, today we're talking about courage, exploring, journeys and new ideas...in under 60 seconds.

We hope you enjoy...and hear a little something to think about this week.

Forget your headphones today? You can also read the script here...

"I'm always struck by the courage and perseverance people will show when trying new things. This Columbus Day, I can't help but think how much courage and sheer determination it took those early explorers to make their first voyages into the unknown. There's no doubt that we are a goal driven society, but sometimes the journey toward the goal becomes far more impactful than the goal itself. Oftentimes, in pursuit of a particular goal we uncover ideas and paths we never considered before. It's on those side journeys that we can discover much about ourselves and what drives us. How much do you enjoy the journey? How open are you to exploring new ideas?"

Kim Maynard, President

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