Just a Minute Video Series 05

Hello again!

If you were a songwriter, would you be a one hit wonder, or would you maintain your stardom? Listen to find out more. And don't forget to check out our programs - they're designed to make you a rock star!

We hope you enjoy...and hear a little something to think about this week.

Forget your headphones today? You can also read the script here...

"If you were a songwriter, would you be a one hit wonder? Think about it, there are some amazing songs out there; songs that everyone knows the words to. But regretfully, while a one hit wonder comes out strong, over time the lack of follow up leaves fans disappointed and wanting something new. When you meet with your audience, you are the composer of the music that’s playing. Whether it’s an oh so familiar tune or whether it’s something with a brand-new beat is entirely up to you. Think about your last few meetings; did you showcase something new, or was it the same tune you - and maybe everyone else - have been singing day after day? And if you have been wearing out your audience with that same old song, how can you change it up and make things hum again?"

Kim Maynard, President

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