Just a Minute Video Series 06

Good afternoon!

While it may have felt like time stood still for awhile, it hasn't! It's time to formulate a plan for the end of the year, both to give thanks to those you've done business with this year and to share how you'll continue to support them in 2021.

We hope you enjoy...and hear a little something to think about this week.

Forget your headphones today? You can also read the script here...

"Is it me or do you also feel like you just stepped out of a time machine, coming face to face with the holiday season and end of the year demands?We have all been so focused on learning to work remotely and juggling family and work all in the same space, during a period where time seemed to stand still, that it almost seems unnatural that the end of the year and the pressures that comes with is actually here.I would like to offer a suggestion. First, remembering that we are all in the same proverbial boat; take a moment to reflect on all the positive things that have happened in your life, your business and your world in the last 8 months. Now formulate a plan for the next 2 months. How will you reach out to your audience to show your gratitude for the business you’ve been able to do together? How will you reassure them that you’ll be there to support them on the other side of all this, whenever that may be? How will you be memorable?"

Kim Maynard, President

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