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"Never enough



"Kim’s been GREAT to work with for the past decade plus, NEVER had an issue and everything gets to where it is supposed to at the right time." Jay K.

"You are the best Kim. You really get our business...We are lucky to have you supporting us." Ed B.

For Advisors

Clients care about personalized customer service, and they have a lot of friends, family, and neighbors that they could send your way.

For Wholesalers

Territories are getting bigger, but budgets aren't. How can you get out in front of people miles away?

For Agents

You're in a competitive industry...but everyone needs insurance. Time to stand out from the crowd.

"I wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that I’m already receiving excellent feedback from the campaigns.  This is invaluable to our business and I apologize for not signing up sooner.  I’ll definitely want to continue and I need to triple the reps that are on my current list!" Chris B.

"Excellent, thanks Kim! The feedback is great as I have already received a couple thank you's, from NEW relationships!"

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We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the past year and how the pandemic has affected the way we all do business. While we agree there is no real replacement for you sitting across the table from your client, we can get close by using the physical resources we have. By sending materials in advance, being mindful about thank you notes, birthday greetings and other occasions, we CAN recreate that connectiveness we once shared.  For the foreseeable future there will be barriers to entry in some firms, there will be clients who are compromised or fearful about face to face interactions. Let us help you find NEW ways, MEANINGFUL ways to stay connected.

Send your COIs reference materials to make their life easier or recreate your meeting presentation in paper form to do a review remotely; whatever you need to get from their inbox to their mailbox, we can help! 

Call us today at 860-676-1121.